Presentation instructions for authors

Papers Accepted for Oral Presentation

Papers accepted for oral presentation have 20 minutes in total: 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Please refer to the program for the exact date and time:

Papers Accepted for Poster Presentation

Authors of papers accepted as a poster presentations must print their posters in A1 vertical format.

Posters will be displayed throughout the conference and presented during the poster sessions on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd September.

In addition to the poster display sessions, authors will need to present their posters during the poster spotlight session scheduled for the 21st September. Please prepare two slides in PDF format for a 2-minute spotlight presentation and send your file to the program chairs by the 16th September, using this email address:

The order of presentation will be as follows:

  • 15:30-31: Vincent Rist, Manfred Hild. How to Design Morphologies. A Design Process for Autonomous Robots.
  • 15:32-33: Tristan Gillard, Jérémy Fix, Alain Dutech. Exploring sensitization in the context of extending the behavior of an artificial agent
  • 15:34-35: Pablo J. Salazar, Tony J. Prescott. Deep Gaussian Processes for Angle and Position Discrimination in Active Touch Sensing
  • 15:36-37: Jose A Fernandez Leon, Marcelo Arlego, Gerardo Acosta. Is free energy an organizational principle in spiking neural networks?
  • 15:38-39: Jinwei Xing, Xinyun Zou, Praveen Pilly, Nicholas Ketz, Jeffrey Krichmar. Adapting to Environment Changes through Neuromodulation of Reinforcement Learning
  • 15:40-41: Jianyong Xue, Frédéric Alexandre. Multi-task learning with modular reinforcement learning.
  • 15:42-43: Cyr André, Frédéric Thériault. Same/different concept: an embodied spiking neural model in a learning context
  • 15:44-45: Sylvain Colomer, Nicolas Cuperlier, Guillaume Bresson, Olivier Romain. Sparse and topological coding for visual localisation of autonomous vehicle
  • 15:46-47: Mingda Ju, Philippe Gaussier. Contribution of the retrosplenial cortex to path integration signatures and spatial codes
  • 15:48-49: Elpida Tzafestas. On the Adaptive Value of Mood and Mood Contagion


Paper Submission Instructions (already closed)

Please submit papers via the link "New Submission" on this web site. You will need to open a ScienceConf account (or use your existing ScienceConf or HAL account) to submit your paper. If you submit in two steps (first title + authors+ abstract on May 20, then full paper by May 27), you need to do both submissions online.

Full Paper Template:

Submitted papers must not exceed 12 pages, including references; they must be written in English and formatted in the Springer LNCS style. Please refer to the LNCS Springer style guide for style templates and formatting instructions.

We strongly encourage authors to prepare papers using LaTeX. The LNCS package for LaTeX and the instructions file can be downloaded directly from Springer's web site.

Paper Review & Acceptance:

All submitted full papers will be peer-reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality, quality of presentation, and technical quality. The authors of all accepted papers are kindly requested to revise their papers following the reviewers' comments. Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their research work either as an oral presentation or as a poster.


All accepted papers (oral and poster presentations) will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series.


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